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Nowadays Cricket betting, and mainly online cricket betting, has become one of the fastest growing sectors measured in turnover. A numerous of factors have contributed to the explosive growth. The vast supply of cricket betting tips is one for sure and certainly the action-paced format with IPL betting is another. We here at Online Cricket Betting love the challenge and complexity that cricket betting entail. We will try our utmost to share our insights about IPL betting and cricket betting sites with you, our reader.

Best Cricket Betting Sites 2020

  • Betway
  • 10cric
  • RoyalPanda
  • Unibet
  • Bet365

Online Cricket Betting How-To

Time needed: 15 minutes.

How do I use online cricket betting?

  1. Find a bookie from our list of indian cricket betting sites

    We list only bookmakers that are safe and offer cricket betting

  2. Transfer money to the bookie

    Creditcard, Instantbank and other payment options are usually available at most of the betting sites

  3. Find your bet

    Find the selection that you have decided to bet on and place the place the bet, for example moneyline winner Mumbai Indians @ 2.01

  4. Keep an eye on the result

    In case the result goes in your favour you are free to withdraw your winnings

Cricket Betting Guide

We’ve created so that all you need to do is read through our guide below and select an appropriate bookmaker from the list.

Different cricket betting formats

Identifying the different factors that affect the outcome in each of the major formats is where we will start

Let’s make an comparison of three formats and how their different rules make the choice of the best game strategy different.

  • Test Game – The original format of cricket which is played over the course of 3-5 days and with six hours of playing time each day.
  • ODI (One Day International) – Limited number of overs for each team (50) and is played over the course of a day.
  • T20 (Twenty20) – Shortest of the major formats with every team bowling 20 overs each and is usually completed within four hours.

There is a substanstial difference in run rates between the formats. It’s vital to have a sense of the expected run-rate for each format when it comes to predicting cricket games.

FormatOvers*Wickets* Run rateDuration
Test3-3.53-5 Days
ODI50115-5.51 Day
T2020117-83-4 Hours
Run rate reference for cricket betting

Given these figures we can quickly arrive at an average score for the limited over formats.

20 * 7.5 = 150

Expected average score per inning for T20 cricket betting.

50 * 5 = 250

Expected average score per inning for ODI cricket betting.

That gives us a good starting point for what to expect from a regular inning in T20 and ODI.

But why do the run rate differ so much between the formats?

This is because of the rules of the formats. Even though they play a different number of overs for each format the number of wickets is held constant.

Really I’m still not understanding why the run rate differs so much?

Ok! Lets think about it as this. The number of wickets in hand in relation to number of overs remaining will determinate the aggressiveness of the batter. At the start of an ODI inning the batting team will have 11 wickets in hand with 50 overs to play. For T20 the batting team will start with the same number of wickets but only bat for 20 overs. Therefore, the batter can increase the aggressiveness since the value of a wicket is lower in T20.

T20 and IPL betting

Now we are ready to dig deeper into the rest of the factors that can help the art of cricket prediction. From here on we will focus at one of the formats, T20 and mainly its IPL betting. The reason behind choosing T20 is because most matches per year are played in this format. More games means more oppurtunities at cricket betting sites and more online cricket betting for us.

There are two types of T20 cricket, international and domestic. The internationals consists of squads selected from the home country and played between nations. The domestic cricket circuit is organized in different leagues.

Indian Premier League48February-April8.2India
Big Bash League38December-February8.0Australia
Caribbean Premier League66Summer7.9Caribbean
T20 Blast318Summer8.4England
PSL (Pakistan Super League)46January-February7.9Pakistan
Comparison of T20 leagues

As before we will continue to narrow down our aim to be able to make a better match prediction. We already selected the T20 circuit as our format. To narrow it down further we will concentrate on IPL betting and the Indian cricket betting sites.

Let’s first go through the basic statistics of IPL to get a foundation to stand on.

  • Runs per inning ~ 155
  • Wickets per inning ~ 5.8
  • Sixes every ~ 16th delivery
  • Fours every ~8th delivery
  • Homewins 55%
  • Coin toss decision bat first 40%
  • Coin toss decision bowl first 60%
  • Run rate first over ~ 5.5
  • Run rate last over ~ 11

The squad for a team is put together in the IPL auction. There are many rules to when and how a player can be drafted and is of such a scope that we will just briefly touch upon it. It’s extremely important though for a team’s performance since a player can be with the teams for years. So, one bad recruitment can possibly spoil the luck for the franchise for years to follow.

Historically teams have opted to go for international power-hitting batters and quick pacers in the IPL auction. Domestic players have traditionally taken the positions of spinners and balanced batsmen. Due to the constraint of only four internationals in the starting eleven the squads usually looks stronger on paper than the actual playing XI. This is very important to keep in mind and often most of the work with predicting the match pre-live revolves around which foreigners will be used.

So how is the starting XI selected from the squad?

The venues of IPL make a great deal of difference for the gameplay. For example, the Chennai Super Kings are notorious due to their home ground that suits spinners extremely well. RCB on the other hand have been involved in some of the highest-scoring games ever in IPL. Its home venue has smaller than usual boundaries making it a dream for batters.

There is also a question of which opponent a team is facing. The squad of every team can be categorized as either a batting, bowling, or balanced squad.

Against a batting lineup a bowling team may for example choose to include more attacking bowlers in the starting XI. This to be able to control the flow of the batters and take control of the inning even though they are bowling.

Ok so far so good. But what now?

It’s time for the dreaded coin toss, a moment of pure randomness, that will decide which team will begin to bat and bowl. The winner of the coin toss gets to decide which team that begins to bat. This can clearly shatter a fixed game plan so always make sure that the starting XI is evaluated after the toss has been done.

There is no need to rush into a bet on cricket make sure that you have the patience to wait for the starting XI and the coin toss instead of relying on toin coss predictions. Cricket betting sites will publish adjusted odds within appx. 5 minutes of the toin coss.

But does it really matter who begins?

Not always, and especially for the T20 format, it should matter less. There is a well-documented statistical edge of betting second but its small. The team batting second chances of winning a game increases with 1-2% in general.

But there is a catch. The toss can have a great impact in case the wicket is prone to slowing down or the weather is about to change. Always be on the lookout for these oddities since they can become your best friend when betting on IPL.

And now that we decided who will begin the batting lets move into the territory of live betting.

Live cricket betting

Most cricket betting sites that offer prelive betting cricket also offer live betting cricket. Since the lineup and match plan is dependent upon the coin toss almost all bets are placed after the toss.

Finally, the game has begun what should I keep in mind?

Matchups, the foundation on which IPL betting tactics are built. Ask yourself a series of questions.

  • Are the current predicted matchups in any of the team’s favor?
  • Will a particular bowler be targeted harder than the others?
  • Is there a good balance between left and right-handers?
  • Do any of the matchups have a clear historical edge? E.g. a batter that is terrible against spin is predicted to bat against mostly spin.
  • Will the flow of the game be dynamic or static, is there room for tactical decision depending on the progress of the game?

Oh, hold on now I don’t really understand what a matchup is. Okay let’s clear that out to begin with. A matchup is simply the tactical decision of using a certain bowler against a certain batter. Since we are talking about IPL betting and online cricket betting, the players in question have a vast historical set of data. The coaches and match analyst from the different IPL franchises have access to this data and tries to mine it to exploit weaknesses.

If the game progress in a reasonable normal fashion the planned matchups will be used. Here is the kicker though. If something unlikely happens, for example the intended death bowler gets injured during the powerplay, great cricket betting opportunities will reveal themselves.

Another thing to keep in mind is that as said before, the IPL is the biggest and boldest of the T20 leagues. This creates pressure on batters to perform on every ball. A so-called dot pressure (several dot balls in a row) usually creates a do-or-die situation for the batter. When the number of dots in a row is ramping up the likelihood of a wicket on the next ball grows quick. A perfect opportunity that can be executed with the help of online cricket betting and cricket betting sites since the time it usually takes to get a bet confirmed is somewhere around 5-10 seconds.

Remember also that every team consists of individuals of which many have a different form and momentum. Always wait until the current partnership have created at least one six or two fours before placing a bet on the batting side. This is a great rule to adhere to and probably the most valued cricket betting tips from us.

As they say the show does not end until the fat lady sings. The same is true for online cricket betting. Make sure that your team is willing to take the chase deep. No point in chasing too early given that the ball on average gets easier to hit the deeper into the inning they get. A team with a good patience should always be preferred over a more rushing team.

So, this was our basic guide to cricket betting hope you enjoyed it! Please feel free to delve deeper into our cricket betting tips.

Online Cricket Betting FAQ

Do betting sites offer live cricket betting?

Some, but not all, offer live cricket cricket. Bear in mind that even though most offer live betting there can be times when cricket odds are not published for a period of time. This usually occurs due to a technical error or high volatility in the game. For example after a wicket it usually takes a couple of minutes for most cricket bookies to get prices back online.

What’s the most popular form of cricket betting?

It’s without question moneyline bets. Simply put who will win the match.

How do I win at cricket betting?

There is no easy answer to this. Hard-work and discipline is certainly two qualites that are sought after but you will also need to find an edge. Since the bookies place out lines with an overround the will win on average unless you are able to outsmart them.

Is it legal to bet online?

We can’t answer this question for you since it depends on your legal jurisdiction. For most people around the world the answer is yes, it’s perfectly legal to place a cricket bet online

How do I bet on cricket?

There are just a few steps that needs to completed in order to be able to bet on cricket online.
1. Find a suitable cricket betting site.
2. Open an account.
3. Transfer funds through one of the available payment options.
4. Place your bet.

Read more about it on our quick guide to placing your first bet on cricket